One of the questions I am asked the most by friends, family and followers, is how I keep fit, what workouts I do, and my top fitness tips.

I think people are usually surprised when I say how much I can’t stand the gym because everyone assumes that it’s the only place you can possibly get toned and fitter but that has never worked for me.


Since I can remember, I have never liked being in the gym environment which is probably why when I was younger I didn’t go… (my bad!) I have always found the environment really intimidating!! Even though people are just there to get their workout done, I felt like I was being stared at and I just felt embarrassed when trying to use all the complicated equipment (seriously, so many handles and clips!) – needless to say, any membership I had didn’t last long and that’s why I started working out with my PT, Cecilia Harris in her “at home” gym in Essex.


Within a handful of sessions, I really noticed my body changing with the quick HIIT moves I was doing – my tummy was getting flatter, legs leaner and my whole body was becoming tighter! It was an addictive feeling and soon I felt confident enough to share mini videos on social media which became really popular. I had countless messages from girls across the country asking for more tips and telling me how they hated the gym and loved that they could do my moves in their home… and that is how I came up with the idea for Results with Lucy, my online fitness and nutritional platform.


Me and Cecilia

All the Results with Lucy videos are my real workouts that I do at home or with Cecilia and are exactly what I follow to keep fit. With over 350+ workout videos and 400+ healthy recipes, we have both structured plans and subscription plans for all different fitness levels. Our structured plans last 12 weeks and give you a workout and meal plan. These range from beginner with our New Beginnings plan, right up to advanced, with our HIIT Harder plan. The OnDemand programme is perfect for those that want something flexible, whatever your goal. You get access to our full video bank, whenever you want, for total flexibility. This means you can build your own workouts…. If you like working on your booty, do the squat and leg videos, if you like working on your cardio, do the HIIT videos.. you can literally pick what you want to do and when!


Over the past three years we have helped thousands of women to achieve a healthier lifestyle and mind-set and I love that we have an amazing community of women that empower each other to do better. I see so much negativity every day on my social media and I hate it! I get nasty comments about my body and the way I look all the time, so to know that I am supporting a group of AMAZING women to achieve their goals and support each other makes me feel so happy. Spreading positivity about health and fitness is what Results with Lucy is all about!


You really can keep fit without stepping foot inside a huge gym! Workout at home with me and Cecilia, plus get your own meal plan and shopping guide to keep your nutrition on track. It really is easy once you get into the mind-set of your health and soon you will learn to understand the important of a balanced lifestyle – yes, I still eat chocolate, drink wine & enjoy a night out every now and again!!


My advice to you is simple. Workout, eat healthy and don’t stress about it. If you have a bad day, it’s fine!! Just do an extra couple of minutes HIIT on your next workout! Keeping your mind healthy is just as important as your physical health and Results with Lucy can help you achieve that & more.

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