New York is one of my favourite cities in the world, there really is a certain magic about it and it’s true what they say, it never sleeps!

I have been lucky enough to visit this buzzing city both in winter and summer so I thought I would pull together a handy guide on what to do, where to stay and where to eat (the best part!) for a trip of a lifetime, no matter what the weather!


New York is well known for its Christmas magic and has always been a popular romantic trip for couples around December, New Years and Valentine’s Day. With the chill in air and the occasional snowy landscape, it Is easy to see why the city is popular to visit in the winter. From horse and carriage rides around Central Park, ice skating at the Rockefeller Centre and warming up in Macy’s for shopping, there is so much to do.

Where to Stay?

I would absolutely recommend staying in the Greenwich Hotel. This stunning boutique hotel is the ultimate celeb hangout so if you are looking to spot some of the big stars, this is the place to be! The place is owned by Robert De Niro who I saw within 24 hours of being there… still so angry with myself that I didn’t grab him for a picture!! I was so starstruck and by the time my brain registered to get a picture he had gone – gutted!!

The hotel is based in Downtown NY and has a very relaxed and chilled vibe, which suits me after a mental day of racing around the crazy city! I loved that the rooms were super cosy rather than sleek and glossy. During the winter, there is nothing better than snuggling up by a fire surrounded by oak wood and Chesterfield sofa’s – exactly what the Greenwich Hotel is about!


The hotel also has a great bar for chilled evening drinks as well as a Thai inspired spa and pool in the basement of the hotel – again, perfect to unwind after a busy day exploring the manic city.

I absolutely loved staying here and I would definitely recommend this place for couples and families looking for a cosy winter getaway! Book this hotel here…

What to Do?

During the winter, New York gets very cold and often it snows and can be very icy so wrapping up is essential, but that doesn’t mean you have to contain yourself to staying inside. I love the feeling of exploring a city when it is cold, especially around Christmas. Here is my ‘must do’s’ when visiting NY in the winter:

– Go to a Basketball game – This is a must, especially for us Brit’s who don’t get to experience a Basketball match on this scale!! I saw the Knicks VS Orlando Magic when I was there… of course I had to have a mid-match hotdog to really get in the spirit…!!



– Horse & Carriage around Central Park – I absolutely loved doing this and think it is perfect for couples, friends and families. You get tucked up in cosy blankets and get to sit back and enjoy the horse taking you on a cute ride around the park. It is a great way to see the park by sitting back and relaxing.

– Chelsea Market – Located in Manhattan in the Meatpacking District, the Chelsea Market is an amazing place to visit! The market is a whole block long and is one of the greatest indoor food halls I have ever seen. If you are a foodie like me, this is a must visit

– Ice Skating @ Rockefeller Centre – You have probably seen this is all the films with the HUGE Christmas tree and couples skating around and it really looks just like that in real life. If you love ice skating and want a truly amazing venue to do it in, this is a must-do on your NY trip.



Summer in NY is when the fun really starts, perfect for trips with friends! The rooftop bars are open, the city is warm and the Hudson looks so inviting for boat trips or just a long stroll along the river. Plus, the hotels feel amazing with their rooftop pools to sunbathe and drink cocktails if you don’t want to go out into the heat of the day.

Where to Stay?

I stayed downtown again as I much prefer the relaxed vibe and this time I would recommend the Dream Downtown Hotel. The hotel is in a great location and is the best place to stay when going away with friends.

The Dream Downtown has a really lively and buzzy vibe which I loved, plus is has an amazing bar on the rooftop and who doesn’t love a rooftop bar?! They do really delicious cocktails so you never get bored of the drinks. Plus, the hotel is right next to Tao Restaurant and Club which is so fun and perfect to visit on a night out with your friends.


The rooms here have a modern and minimalist feel about them so the hotel feels very chic and glossy. Pretty much everything is white!! I really like the minimalist look, it is really current and gives a feel of understated luxury.

The hotel also has a great pool and you can really get your tan topped up during the summer. I had sushi nearly every day for lunch, which was usually accompanied with a cocktail too (opps!!!) … if you are looking for a really fun but glamourous place for you and your friends to stay, this is definitely it!


What to Do?

Summer in NY is all about being outside!! There is so much to experience in the city anyway and when the weather is glorious what better time to do it, plus you can eat lunch outside or just sit in Central Park if you want a break from the day.


– Le Bain Standard Rooftop Bar – The roof of The Standard Hotel is amazing! Not only are there insane views but also a nightclub, a bar, a plunge pool and also a place to buy pancakes! If that isn’t heaven in a rooftop then I don’t know what is!

– Statue of Liberty Cruise – I would absolutely recommend getting a boat to take you out to see the Statue of Liberty! We had a gorgeous cocktail in the sun and got to ride on the river for a few hours. It was an amazing view of the city behind us too and the breeze was most welcome in the heat of the day!!


– Walk the Skyline – The walk is a 1.45-mile- linear park built in Manhattan on a section of a disused New York Central Railroad called the West Side Line. The views are amazing, plus it is open late you can take in the evening views too!

Where to Eat?

No matter what the weather, you can eat amazing food in NY! Here are my top places to eat from a simple pizza slice to delicious sushi!

Must Visit Brunch Stops

– Bubbys

– Sarah Janes

– Bodega Negra in the Dream Hotel

Dreamy Restaurants

– Buddakan – ideal for dim sum!!

– Nobu – for Sushi lovers

– Beauty in Essex – if you want a great bar with a fun atmosphere

– Locanda Verde in the Greenwich hotel – intimate resutrant with insane food

– Tao – for those looking for a lively place to go!

– Red Rooster Harlem – for the super cool

– Pizza or Crepes in Chelsea Market – it goes without saying these are a MUST!!





Dress – Lucy’s Boutique