‘Ethical, Extremely Delicious & 100% Gluten Free!’

Glossy, happening scene with 2 restaurants (Grill or Raw), a clubby lively bar & an attached wine shop.

M Victoria is justly renowned for its world class beef. It looks as if its GRILL restaurant will have a bit of competition however as the venue unveils its new look RAW restaurant under the same roof. This unique concept will be the first 100% gluten-free fine dining restaurant in London. As a regular diner at M Grill I was extremely excited to try their new RAW menu.


Their menu offers signature tartars, tempura, hot earth bowls and bento boxes. But the star of the show is the sashimi collection made using cobia. Hailed “the Wagyu of the sea” that hopes to revolutionise the world of fine dining, M is among the first restaurants in the UK to feature the fish on its menus.


M RAW is the only restaurant in London to offer sashimi from king fish, octopus and sea bass caught with the Ike Jime fishing method, acknowledged as by far the most ethical and sustainable way to fish.

I throughly enjoyed my meal in M RAW! Have a look here.

My favourite dishes were-


Portuguese king prawns they look scary as they are jet black as they are made from black rice tempura flour but taste delicious!


Protein bowl which includes argentine sirloin steak | courgetti, avocado | sweet potato | spiced tomato salsa | buckwheat taco.


Mixed Sashimi platter


Dill | Ponzu | Edamame


Jalapeño | Pickled Ginger


Green Chilli Pickle Salsa Black | Sesame | Chives

Atmosphere: 4⭐

Service: 5⭐

Decor: 5⭐

Location: 3⭐

Food: 5⭐