This summer I decided to take on one of the hardest amateur cycling races in the world, the E’tape de Tour a 146km race in the Alps,… BUT I hadn’t been on a bike for over 15 years! (I know; I don’t know what I was thinking either!)

When I was asked by Channel 5 to take part in a new TV show, Tour De Celeb, I knew it would be an amazing opportunity. They told me I trained with 7 other celebs, expert sports scientists & Olympic cyclists including Paralympian Dame Sarah Story who just absolutely smashed Rio 2016!! After hearing all of that, it was hard to say no really… Besides how tough could the hardest stretch of the Tour du France really be

I love taking on active and physical challenges that really push me because of the huge sense of achievement at the end of the line. Also, as I come from a reality TV background and now own a successful health & fitness brand (Results with Lucy), I feel like I am constantly trying to gain credibility in the fitness world.


I do feel like I achieved this a long time ago by taking on serious challenges like climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, learning gymnastics and inspiring the thousands of women on my fitness plans to get active. I just want to show people I am not afraid of working incredibly hard and my fitness levels are actually pretty good.

The celebs in our Tour De Celeb group got on really well but we did a lot of our training separately. For me, it was totally new to do one form of exercise for 1- 7 hours a session! I’m used to doing 20-60min HIIT sessions with loads of variety, so this was a completely new way of training for me.  I was so out of my comfort zone but you have to find a whole new way of motivating yourself & juggling your diary.

We were a great group & all got on so well – Louie Spence will definitely keep you all entertained! I really hope you enjoy the show eekk! I can promise you a hell of a lot of blood, sweat & tears!!!

Channel 5


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