I know it is dark in the morning and dark in the evening which often means that your motivation is at rock bottom! When it is freezing cold as you stick your leg out of the duvet or you have had a long day at work, nothing seems better than sitting in your PJ’s in front of the TV… and of course, the first thing you ignore, is your workout.

BUT! We are nearing the end of the Results with Lucy Guilt Free Christmas plan and just think of ALL the treats you can indulge in from the 24th December – 1st January if you keep pushing yourself, plus you will be feeling super confident in that sequin number!!


I am super busy in the lead up to Christmas, it feels like I have a Christmas party every night! And with that, means my workouts have to quick but effective. I don’t want to miss a workout as I am dreaming of all the roast potatoes and chocolates I want to eat on Christmas Day! (Guilt Free of course..!)


If you are finding yourself losing motivation, try these fat-busting cardio moves tonight and kick-start the week with a good workout!! Come on guys, we are nearly at Christmas!!



It is time to jump as high as you can go – just watch out for your light shade!

1. Start facing toward in standing position and jump upwards with arms and legs pointing out. Come back to the floor and stand forward.

2. Squat half way down and explode your energy back upwards as high as possible!

3. Make sure you fully extend your body spreading your legs and arms outwards for max impact!



1. Keeping your feet together jog as fast as you can but also bring your knees as high as you can – the higher the better!!

2. Get those knees moving and get that heart working. It is a killer but works amazingly.

3. Keep it going for 45 seconds and try and keep up the pace.



Don’t let the name panic you, it just like a normal press up but just much harder…sorry!

1. Get yourself in press up position, keeping your hands underneath your shoulders but for this one keep your knees on the floor and bring your body as far forward as possible without dropping to the floor.

2. Now, very slowly lower your arms to bring you right down to the floor – the slower and lower you can get the more burn you will feel!

3. Return to the start and do it over and over until your 45 seconds is up!




Let me know how you get on girls! We’ve got this! Happy Sunday!