Welcome to 2017 everybody!! Last year (weird saying that already right?!), I made a resolution and a goal to help more people make a long-lasting lifestyle change and I really want to talk a bit more about this…

Around this time of year, we are inundated with marketing and adverts about quick fixes, fad diets, empty promise DVD’s, diet pills, detox teas… you name it and it is out there being thrown at us from every angle! I find it so frustrating that so many of us will believe the fake promises that are set out on these products, not only because it is false but also because of the physiological effect it has on people.

“Get Ab’s in Just ONE WEEK”, “Lose 2 Dress Size’s in Two Weeks” – all those kind of statements are just not possible and end up adding so much pressure to people who want to get healthier. If you believe you will lose those two dresses and you don’t, how are you going to feel? Deflated, defeated and no doubt immediately reverting back to old habits. And, do you know what? It’s most likely not your fault that you didn’t achieve that as the claim was unrealistic in the first place!

Don’t get me wrong, I advocate anyone who is trying to get people moving and getting people healthier but what I HATE is fad’s, unrealistic claims and quick fixies! We should be getting people to focus on a full lifestyle change by making small steps every day to achieve better health. This is what I am championing this January, NO MORE FADS!! Let’s get people moving in a sensible way that will not only help them get fitter physically but mentally too.

On my online fitness and nutrition site, Results with Lucy, I have launched a special programme designed to combat fad fixes and diets by encouraging people to make transformation of everything – their diet, workouts and mind-set!

The Class of 2017 is available for January only and will allow me and my team of experts to set you on and guide you through your own transformation journey.

When you sign up, you will be getting a great package of ALL Results with Lucy plans for either a 6-month or 12-month period, including New Beginnings, Wobble to Model, HIIT Harder and OnDemand+. Also, when you sign up to a Class of 2017, every user will get a free goodie bag containing everything they need to keep them on track from the Results with Lucy store. This includes a menu planner, wall charts, dumbbells, exercise mat, skipping rope and much more – there really is no excuse to give in!

The important thing for me, was to create something that is realistic and people will stick too. With the Class of 2017, you will not only change your body but improve your life.

If you need to reduce stress, improve your sleep and energy levels, build confidence and even make new friends through our amazing community, then sign up now! You will learn about the benefits of getting fit, as well as learning the proper form to complete each move to the best of your ability without hurting yourself, something a DVD or paper guide cannot do. Plus, with three different workout phases, you won’t be doing the same moves and you will begin to understand how nutrition affects your performance and results!

You don’t even need to take my word for it that Results with Lucy really works as a lifestyle change. So far, I have helped over 250,000 women to smash their goals! If you just search the hashtag #rwlfitties you will see thousands of posts from our inspiring users – they even inspire me to get up earlier and fit in my workouts.

Think about it… if quick fixes really worked then everyone would be walking around super toned and fit but that is just not the reality! The reality is, you aren’t going to get continued results that last without working hard and eating well.

The 6-month package costs just £145 and the full year costs £227. We also offer payment plans for both with a £65 upfront fee and then £17.50 per month thereafter. With all the added extras, this the best value Results with Lucy package EVER.

It is time to make a lifestyle change, and I really think I can help you do that with the help of my 15 personal trainers, nutritionists and dedicated fitness experts. Let’s make 2017 the year that you say goodbye to endless fads and stick to something that will make you feel and look amazing!!

Sign up here and say no to fads!