Don’t ask me why, but whenever I get my hands on a new pair of gym leggings or new journal I get a sudden surge of motivation! I think sometimes, the thought of putting something new into practice adds excitement which fuels our motivation – any excuse to treat ourselves hey girls?!

Because I am feeling super motivated right now to get my best body and best health ever, I wanted to share with you some of my favourite fitness goodies I keep at home. Plus, these are all available from the Results with Lucy Store so you don’t need to hunt them down.


1. A Personal Journal

When you making a good change in your life, I think it is really important to self-reflect so you can look back if you are struggling and realise just how far you have come. Plus, they help you keep track of your fitness, health and emotions – the perfect way to achieve a healthier, happier you! We have this amazing one for £29.99!

NEW! Your Personal Journal

2. A Menu Planner (V.Important!!)  

A4 Menu Planner – with pen

Often people forgot just how important your nutrition is if you want to get fitter, leaner and healthier. I absolutely love this A4 Menu Planner – it can easier fit on the inside of your kitchen cupboard too. You will save money too by planning your food! For only £7, this little planner will keep you on track, plus it comes with a pen.

 3. RWL Measuring Tape

 If you do ONE THING this January, please, please, please ditch the scales!! You may have heard this all before but I promise you, you are far better to measure your results in inches rather that weight. Muscle weighs more than fat, so as you burn fat but build muscle, this won’t show up on the scales. Pick up one of my measuring tapes for just £3.50!

4. An Exercise Mat

If you like to workout at home like me, I would advise you to get an exercise mat – no-one wants carpet burns on your knees, elbows and back (yes that can all happen if you are working out right!) I have this super soft one for you girls to get your hands on for just £14. No more painful planks and sit-ups!

5. A Set of Dumbbells

When I work out, I am rarely without my dumbbells! These bright neoprene dumbbells even come with a flat bottom to stop them rolling away when you are having a breather!

I would recommend you use a minimum of 2KG dumbbells during your workouts, but complete beginners may want to start with 1KGs. Give yourself a real challenge, and grab some 3KGs!

6. A Cardio Buster! The Skipping Rope

To make sure you getting in our cardio, we sometimes use a skipping rope in our Results with Lucy because, it is a killer!! I keep one handy and if I want to do a quick cardio session, I will grab my skipping and just 15 minutes will be a great fat burner!

This one is just £7.50 from Results with Lucy.

7. Comfy Clothes!

After I finish a workout and I have had a shower, I love nothing more than to snuggle up in something cosy! My #RWLFITTIES hoodie is my fav – not only is it super soft but it represents our AMAZING community of girls that support each other no matter what!

This is just £25.99.

What are your fitness must haves?!