Don’t you just love summer!? As soon as the sun comes out you feel more relaxed, everything seems great and you’re looking forward to getting away on a beach holiday and just chilling with a porn star martini in one hand …aaaannd another porn star martini in the other haha!

Then it daunts you that you’re actually going to have to pack. And then you probably end up internally screaming “OMG WHAT DO I TAKE WITH ME?!” All of a sudden you’re chucking your whole wardrobe in the suitcase hoping you won’t feel like you’ve left something you might need on holiday. It’s alright ladies; I’ve got your back.

Being a frequent traveller I know that it will save all of you time unpacking a suitcase full of clothes you know you will wear than clothes you’ve barely even touched. Who wants to open their suitcases at the check in desk, ramming a load of bits into your hand luggage, with everyone in the queue behind having a sneak peak of your underwear – no one! So save yourself the embarrassment and some extra cash due to excess baggage and follow my ultimate packing guide! Here are my top 3;

1. PLAY DRESS UP – I’m going to start with this one as I think the main and most important tip to packing for a beach holiday; always plan and try on a day and evening look! I know this could be time consuming and isn’t that fun sometimes, especially if your legs haven’t seen any sun for a year and you may not have had your pre-holiday waxes yet…#backtothe70s 🙈🌴😂

But trust me, this will help organise what you will really need and it will get rid of a LOAD of stuff you know you won’t actually wear or use.

2. TAKE A SELFIE – OK, so now you have tried on each look. It’s time for a photo shoot! I recommend taking a photo of the outfits you will be wearing before you go on holiday. This trick will basically show how amazing you’re going to look, but most importantly save you time putting looks together and prevent rushing; especially as you need to make a dinner reservation but can’t decide what bag looks best with those shoes.

3. TAKE SOME SPARES – If I’m going away for a week, I would plan 2 extra day and evening looks just so there is more variety. There is nothing worse than being unprepared when the plans have changed, or I decide I’m not really feeling a certain outfit that I planned on wearing. OK what I am basically saying is that my cute figure hugging midi dress is not something I am prepared to wear after 6 days of indulging in amazing food hahaha. I usually eat a lot, so hand over a nice loose maxi dress for the last couple of evenings and I’ll be good to go!

So they were my top 3, but I have 7 more amazing tips that I know will give you the guidance on how to pack perfectly. You can download it by clicking the link below.

Packing Top Tips!


Good Luck xx