Girls, I know you don’t want to hear this but we will need to go through the painful parts of summer preparations #lifeofawoman !!

It’s fine, let’s not stress… it can also be fun too! I would recommend getting the painful parts like waxing done first then treat yourself to exfoliating, getting the nails looking beautiful, lash tints/extensions to get the lashes fluttering, and getting some good leave in conditioner in your hair!

You obviously don’t have to do aaaalll of the summer preparations I recommend but these are my top 5 if you’re ever feeling stuck;

1. NAILS: get them done after you have planned your looks girls. If you have gone crazy on mutli-coloured outfits maybe go for a nice subtle nude or metallic colour that goes with every look. Or go for a colour pop that compliments your outfits. Personally, I love hands & toes to match! Maybe invest in a good foot cream if you know you’ll spend a lot of time on the beach as the sand, sun & sea can make your feet quite rough and dry.

2. EXFOLIATE: I always exfoliate the week leading up to my holiday because when old skin starts to pile up on the surface of the skin it can make your skin looking dull, rough, and dry. So to get myself looking fresh and healthy I have a regular exfoliating routine. I recommend Apricot Scrub by St Ives as it’s the most natural and smells sooo good!

3. TRIM & CONDITION YOUR LOCKS: I believe a harmless trim before you go away is a must as I think it makes my hair looking and feeling super healthy. The satisfaction of running your fingers through your hair then holding the ends and actually feeling the goodness is just one of the best feelings eveeerrrr! Also, whilst you are out on holiday you’re being exposed to the luscious sun; however it can also really dry out and damage your hair. So what I do is a salon or at home conditioner treatment which is great as I can physically feel the nourishment in my hair big time!

4. WAXING – I know I have mentioned this before, but the most important tip I can give you is to get your waxing done a few days prior to your trip as the area can be slightly red and sensitive when exposed to the sun! Be careful!

5. EYELASHES – Lash extensions or a tint and perm are great as it makes me feel more confident especially when I have no makeup on. It’s such a good investment!


I hope these tips help you out on what to do when preparing for your holiday. And if you want more tips on how to feel confident have a sneak peak at our Beach Body plan as you will feel good on the inside and out. Don’t forget the amazing competition we have going on – Click Here to enter the comp and have a look at our Beach Body plan!


Have fun getting yourselves beach ready xx