juice retreat

You guys need to know how amazingly healthy juicing can be for you. I’m not the expert, but Kris is the ultimate juice and health expert. He knows how it effects the body, big time! Instead of going into scientific detail of it all 😅 the actual information most people need in order to make better choices is as easy as a two stage approach to better health.

He recommends, firstly, cutting out (for a period of time) anything that your body may be sensitive or allergic to, might cause some kind of reaction, or just might take a long time to digest – that bloated feeling! These could be alcohol, caffeine, refined sugar, refined carbs, dairy, gluten etc – I know, I know, all the yummy stuff haha! I’m not saying I cut it ALL out, but I did in my juice re-treat, and you know what, I felt calmer, healthier, and felt less stress on my digestive system.

The second step is giving the body enough nutrients! In one of our talks, Kris mentioned that we actually need 10 or more portions per day in order to get all our nutrients in. But most of us barely even have 3 portions. That’s why juices and smoothies are the easiest way to get large amounts of nutrients in our bodies in one go!

Kris kindly put together some of his favourite juice recipes and you HAVE to try them, they are insane I promise!




I really felt the benefits after the juice re-treat, and since then I have incorporated more smoothies and juices in my diet. I feel more energised, fresh and less sluggish. That’s why I have a range of recipes in my Results With Lucy plans. There’s no excuse to you feeling bloated, especially when you can access many recipes and workouts in the Free Forever Plan on my fitness website. All you have to do is enter you details and you’re ready to go!

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Enjoy xx