If you go to LA you will truly have a magical experience. I drove through and partied in desserts, stayed in amazing hotels and met some beautiful people. I crammed in so many things on this trip from shopping, Coachella, launch parties/events, and sandy beaches. So, I thought I’d show you what I got up to.

I stayed in some incredible hotels with insane views, beach parties and amazing restaurants. Here are my top 4 hotels –

Viceroy L’Ermitage Beverly Hills

Best for spacious rooms and elegant interior designs

– Private dining with rooftop

– Pool Terrace

– Fitness centre

– Spa rooms with selection of services and facilities



Screenshot 2017-06-05 14.41.57

After my 11 hour flight, this was the first hotel I checked into. And I’m so glad as this was the perfect place to chill out and get over my jet lag!

The luxurious designs were really sophisticated but it also had an urban feel because of where the hotel was situated. The hotel sits on a residential street with trees everywhere which created a peaceful atmosphere. But the great thing about it was that it was only a short walk from Rodeo Drive.

Plus, the espresso martinis were insane. I couldn’t help myself and had more than 1. They were delicious I was sooo jet lagged though, went to bed at 11pm!

Girls, this hotel is so beautiful. If you want sophisticated, you can definitely get it here!

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Ace Hotel Palm Springs

Best for its poolside, DJ’s, hip hotel bar

– Poolside events

– Pool x2

– Outdoor fire place

– Gym

– Spa

– The clubhouse

IMG-20170424-WA0087 IMG-20170424-WA0088 IMG-20170424-WA0093 IMG-20170424-WA0084

This place holds amazing pool parties and there’s always something going on! And the good thing about this hotel is that it’s really close to the town centre and close to cool places like Joshua Tree, The Salton Sea, Salvation Mountain, and vintage shops – stuff like that. This hotel has quite a bohemian feel to it with a few patios with fireplaces.

Girls, if you’re looking for bohemian chic, this is the place. It’s so cool.

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Viceroy Santa Monica

Best for its sea view

– Cast lounge

– 2 outdoor plunge pools

– 24hour fitness centre

– Cast Restaurant

IMG-20170425-WA0046 IMG-20170425-WA0047 IMG-20170425-WA0049 IMG-20170425-WA0050 IMG-20170425-WA0051 IMG-20170425-WA0052 IMG-20170425-WA0053 IMG-20170425-WA0054 IMG-20170425-WA0057 viceroy santa monica sea front

Ladies, this hotel has the perfect balance of contemporary chic mixed with modern and luxurious sophistication to create the ultimate Santa Monica vibe. It has stylish accommodations and the views of the palm trees, beaches and mountains are just insane!

This place had the ultimate California feel to it and if you want the best sea side view, you have to come here!

Find out more about Viceroy Santa Monica

The Beverly Hilton

Best for its pool, buffet, breakfast & lunch

– Polo lounge

– Spa

– Pools & cabanas

– Hair & Beauty

– Pet friendly

IMG-20170425-WA0111 IMG-20170514-WA0041 IMG-20170425-WA0114 IMG-20170425-WA0110 IMG-20170425-WA0117 IMG-20170421-WA0023

Letting time go by with just eating, drinking and chilling by the pool at the Beverly Hills felt so glamourous! It had such beautiful settings and relaxed surroundings. The food was lush and I couldn’t stop eating especially as there was a buffet!

Girls, they do the best prawn ceaser salad, nachos and cocktails are to die for!

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So, now one of my favourite things to talk about – fashion, parties & food!! One of the first days I was in LA I jumped on the chance to do a little bit of shopping.


Before Coachella a lot of brands do gifting events for influences and celebs to get some bits for the ultimate Coachella wardrobe. Celebrities like Golden Barble and Olivia Culpo were both at Revolve to check out all the amazing outfits! I wore my dress from CO-TE, which I absolutely love

After a day of shopping, I started to get ready for the PLT Sassy collection launch party. I decided to wear this beaut dress by Alexander Wang, because who doesn’t love a red dress?! My bag is by Ashlyn’d – love a bit of sparkle! And lastly, my earrings are by Soru jewellery.

I was introduced to some lovely people there and had the chance to meet Chris Eubank jr and the owner of the company Umar. I went with my lovely friend, Kelvin, who is also my stylist!



IMG-20170424-WA0044 IMG-20170424-WA0049 IMG-20170424-WA0045 IMG-20170514-WA0020

I had lots of fun that night – I’m not going to lie after this amazing event I was hanging so I had a refreshing strawberry lemonade and spaghetti meatballs at The Ivy – classy bird haha!🙈🙊


It was time for us to drive from LA to Coachella, so I had to pack everything up which was so difficult! I really should’ve organised myself better haha.

The drive was about a 3 – 5 hours drive and the weather was boiling. So, I thought to wear this dress from RIXO. I was also feeling the desert vibes with this cute bag by Rebecca Minkoff and shades by Taylor Morris – LOVE it 👜🕶🌵


The drive wasn’t that bad because we were too excited!

 If you’re driving to Coachella and need to have a pit stop. Look out for the In & Out burger place…you HAVE to go. Everyone goes there and, you know what, it just has to be done. I demolished it haha! 🍔🍟🙈

IMG-20170424-WA0081 IMG-20170424-WA0078


And now, we have eventually arrived! We attended lots of parties – yes we were eager haha. We went to the Revolve party held in a secret location in Palm Springs and the Rachel Zoe event in Nobu, Malibu, PLTxPaper party and the Bumble party. It was filled with gorgeous people! I went with Charlotte de Carle, Ashley James and Danielle Peazer at the Revolve party and we had such an amazing time! I felt like I was performing for a concert with the amount of outfit changes I had whilst out here. It was crazy but so fun!


IMG-20170424-WA0102 IMG-20170424-WA0108 IMG-20170424-WA0095 IMG-20170425-WA0035 IMG-20170425-WA0041 IMG-20170425-WA0045

✨Rachel Zoe Evet ✨

IMG-20170425-WA0015 IMG-20170425-WA0005 IMG-20170425-WA0004 IMG-20170425-WA0023 IMG-20170425-WA0069

✨ PLTxPaper Party ✨

IMG-20170424-WA0113 Picture1

There were a few after parties here and there also which made the whole experience so fun. What I noticed about being in LA is that fashion and Art is EVERYTHING. Here are a few of my other outfits whilst getting a coffee, more parties and laughs.

Before & After😂

IMG-20170425-WA0073 IMG-20170425-WA0075

Bumped into the lovely Joe Wicks


I just love Guess fashion! 💙

IMG-20170425-WA0094 IMG-20170425-WA0067

Grabbing a coffee in my Joe’s Jeans Dungarees ☕

IMG-20170425-WA0068 IMG-20170514-WA0032 IMG-20170514-WA0028

Wearing Lucy’s Boutique in LA

IMG-20170425-WA0138 IMG-20170425-WA0137 IMG-20170425-WA0139


After all the festivals, I felt like I needed to chill a little bit. So, I went to Hollywood to sit by the pool, eat amazing food and have a few cheeky cocktails. The food is insaaaaane and the waiter, Robert, at CHAYA restaurant was amazing.

Chillin’ in Venice beach and CHAYA restaurant.

IMG-20170425-WA0118 IMG-20170425-WA0116 IMG-20170425-WA0120 IMG-20170425-WA0119

Danielle Peazer and I at Catch

IMG-20170425-WA0122 IMG-20170425-WA0124 IMG-20170425-WA0132

You can’t get the full LA experience without a workout on the beach. I had to a little something whilst I was at Santa Monica Beach. It’s a massive beach with great views so it didn’t take me much to get motivated.

IMG-20170421-WA0003 IMG-20170421-WA0002 IMG-20170421-WA0001

Last time I was in LA, 2 years ago, I was shooting there as the 1st celeb colab campaign in Joshua Tree by Coachella. I’ve always said that I would have to come back to experience more of LA, especially its Coachella parties, and I’m so glad I did. It was insaaaaane!