With Christmas just around the corner, the parties, events, dinners and gatherings are getting into full swing and sometimes our skin can really suffer!

If, like me, you have a packed festive diary you will want to know to get flawless skin, even when you are feeling a bit tired and your skin is looking a bit dull after a few too many drinks.

Here, my brilliant make-up artist, Kayleigh talks you through how she gets my perfect base!

F I V E | F A V

Garnier Skin Naturals Micellar Cleansing Water

£3.29 reduced from £4.99 at superdrug

Gentle cleanser to remove any dirt or old makeup

The Body Shop vitamin E toner
A refreshing, hydrating alcohol-free toner with protective vitamin E and moisturising wheatgerm oil, removes traces of make-up and remaining cleanser. Leaving skin feeling clean & hydrated!

Barry M Glowmance


Containing Jasmine extracts & Vitamin E, it soothes and stimulates the skin while brightening and illuminating. Glowmance creates a soft focus effect for a beautifully even complexion. I use it to prime my skin or refresh your natural makeup throughout the day for a revitalised finish.

Barry M colour correcting kit


Use before applying makeup to reduce skin dullness and redness, eradicate dark circles and even skin tone.


Barry m illuminating strobe cream


My favourite all in one highlight product, Sweep across high points of the face that naturally catch the light-cheekbones, brow bone and bridge of the nose for the ultimate strobing effect.